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This page is for the remembrance, information, and justice for Varun Raj Pucha.  

Docket Pages
CAUSE NUMBER: 64D02-2310-F1-009853 - First set of charges (Attempted Murder & Aggravated Battery) 
- Motion for Competency and Mental Health Evaluation 

CAUSE NUMBER: 64D02-2311-MR-010150 - Second/current set of charges (Murder & Aggravated Battery)
- Probable Cause Affidavit
- Second Amended Order on Defen
dant’s Motion for Competency/Mental Health Exam 
- more to come ....

Understanding Indiana's "Guilty But Mentally Ill" Laws
- The Law: click hereIt is known as "Guilty But Mentally Ill" 
- Guilty But Mentally Ill abstract from 1982 from Indiana University Law Journal: click here.
​- The case that ch
anged Indiana's Insanity Defense laws - 2017 article: click here
- ESPN Article: click here

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