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Divorce Unbundled Documents

You will need a pdf reader to view the forms, and you can find out more information here.


If you are not sure which documents you need, please contact Sanghvi Law. 

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• Client Guidelines

• Financial Declaration Requirments and Form

• Cooperative Parenting Reminders

• Child Support Requirements and Form

• Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines*

• Parenting Plan 

• Relevant Indiana Statutes 

• Judge's Notice to Parents

*Link may not be the latest version

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Unbundled Services


Unbundled legal services, also known as limited-scope representation, can offer clients more flexibility and control over their legal matters. Instead of retaining Sanghvi Law for full-scale representation, clients can choose to "unbundle" specific legal services or tasks, such as document review, legal research, or court appearances, to address their immediate needs and budget constraints. This unbundling allows individuals to access legal expertise for discrete aspects of their case while handling other aspects on their own. It offers a cost-effective solution that can make legal services more accessible to a wider range of clients, promoting greater empowerment and affordability in the legal system. Unbundled legal services provide a tailored and innovative way to navigate legal challenges while making legal support more efficient and approachable for many individuals.

Some common unbundled legal services in the context of Indiana divorce include:

  1. Legal consultation: This involves seeking advice from a divorce lawyer regarding the legal process, your rights, and potential outcomes.

  2. Document preparation: An attorney can help you prepare the necessary legal documents for your divorce, such as petitions, responses, or other court filings.

  3. Review of documents: You can hire an attorney to review the documents you have prepared yourself to ensure they meet the legal requirements and protect your interests.

  4. Mediation representation: If you and your spouse are considering mediation, you may choose to hire an attorney to represent you during the mediation process while handling other aspects of your case yourself.

  5. Limited representation in court: You can hire an attorney to represent you during specific court hearings or proceedings, while handling other aspects of the case on your own.


It's important to note that while unbundled legal services can be cost-effective and provide more control over the legal process, they may not be suitable for complex or highly contested divorce or other complex family law cases. Additionally, it's crucial to fully understand the scope of services provided by Sanghvi Law and ensure that you are comfortable handling the remaining aspects of your case on your own.



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Download Documentation


• New Client Packet for a Divorce With Children

• New Client Packet for a Divorce Without Children


• Financial Declaration Requirments and Form

• Child Support Requirements and Form                                   ...and more >>

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